Painter Anna Ahmedova

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Works count: 15


About painter

I was born in Novosibirsk in 1989. Drawing - is the main hobby for me since childhood. In school graphics and painting were fun. After high school, while studying at the Novosibirsk State Academy of Architecture and Arts, a significant figure was the help for getting a profession of architect. After graduation, painting has become an integral part of the profession and at the same time the opportunity to escape from everyday, to feel relaxed and free!

Painter works

Three drops
80 Eur

Сity ​​and gulls
80 Eur

Bag with goldfish
40 Eur

Boy and Turtle
80 Eur

With watermelon

Boy and camel

Boys and bulls




80 Eur

Chinese furniture
80 Eur

St. Isaac's Cathedral
80 Eur

230 Eur

Without sea
230 Eur