Painter Harry Nalbandian

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About painter

Harry Nalbandian. Musician. Artist. 
Born in 1980 in Tbilisi. 
Throughout his life, he studied music. Professional violinist, winner of many international music competitions and prizes, Harry for a long time gave concerts in Germany, Holland, France and Slovakia. 
The love for the fine arts, and a penchant for art manifested in childhood. At the same time the first picture was painted in 10 years - "Portrait of a grandmother." This was followed by other works - portraits, landscapes, still lifes. Study at the Academy of Arts, where he wanted to do in his youth, and has remained a dream, but this did not prevent him to realize his creative potential in numerous canvases. 
As the artist admitted, in his works for him is important the transmission of emotions, it is important that the picture is "alive", "charges". 
His works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, America, Georgia, Armenia and other countries.

Painter works

Zlata Praha
440 Eur

380 Eur

A Winter village…
380 Eur

600 Eur

Night nocturne
160 Eur

330 Eur

Motley house
440 Eur

Hidden houses
220 Eur

At the lake
490 Eur